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Nick Toadvine

Health & Wellness

About Nick

Nick Toadvine is a firm believer in the importance of personal wellness, which he defines as a healthy mind, body, and spirit. When these three components are in sync, people are at their happiest. Nick feels fortunate to have the opportunity not only to focus on his wellness but to help others reach a high level of wellness too. He firmly believes that God has given everyone the tools they need to be well and that you just have to embrace them to achieve peak health and wellness. Nick is always eager to serve others and does just that.

It is this caring and conscientious attitude that helped Nick build Guardian Wealth Management and establish a loyal client base. Over the years Nick and his associates have assisted clients in numerous ways beyond just financial planning. Fixing a client’s computer, aiding with farm irrigation, sitting with an invalid client so his or her spouse can go food shopping, and celebrating anniversaries and birthdays together are just some of the ways that the Guardian Wealth Management family have embraced their clients since first opening their doors. The success of Guardian Wealth Management is Nick’s most significant and rewarding achievement to date, and the good the company has done demonstrates how seriously Nick cares about the well-being of others.

Despite putting in long hours at his financial planning firm, Nick Toadvine prioritizes his, and his family’s health. He practices good eating and exercise habits, attends church regularly, and he spends as much time as possible with his wife and son. Spending time with family is incredibly important to Nick. He also volunteers on the Board of Directors for the Lakeland YMCA. Having lived in the Polk County area since a young age, Nick feels a close connection to the community and a sincere desire to help it grow.

To stay physically active, Nick enjoys lifting weights, and to keep mentally fit Nick is an avid reader and movie-goer. He is continuously working to be the best in his field, which requires learning new methods and staying on top of current trends in the finance industry. He frequently goes for walks, travels (including to Disney World), and visits the park to bike and play sports. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle ensures his mental clarity and confidence in both his personal and professional life.

In his free time, Nick Toadvine enjoys trying new restaurants, particularly new seafood establishments, and cooking in his kitchen. He practices wellness in all aspects of his life and strives to help others do the same.

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