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Weight loss trends come and go faster than the seasons change, sharing their own tricks for immediate results. Some of these suggestions have been advertised so much that most people aren’t aware they are false. Sorting fact from fiction can be confusing in a world based around the next new fad diet, so here are some common myths about weight loss when it comes to both exercise and dieting.

Eliminating Carbs Altogether  

Not all fats and carbs are bad and shouldn’t be cut out of your diet completely. There are nutrient and fiber-rich carbs that promote healthy, sustainable weight loss that you should incorporate into the food you consume each day.

Removing Snacks From Your Diet

Diets that focus on longevity and preserving healthy eating encourage snacking between meals. This way you don’t have to worry about gorging yourself while eating lunch and dinner. In between snacks are a great time to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily intake. The key is to snack on healthier options that energize you during the day.

Drinking Lots of Water

A common misconception is that drinking large amounts of water can help you lose weight. Water is not the ingredient that makes you lose weight, but staying hydrated helps to cut back on unhealthy snacking throughout the day.

Cutting Out Your Favorite Treats

Removing your favorite foods altogether is not the best practice for sustainable dieting. Portion control is a helpful way to keep eating the foods you love in a way that won’t damage any progress you make within your current diet. It will also save you from overeating due to cravings.

High-Intensity Workouts

Most specifically when you are first starting out with an exercise plan, higher intensity workouts can result in possible injury and burnout. Starting out at a slower pace, with physical activities you enjoy will help to sustain your body’s energy and interest in the workout.

Skipping Meals

Refusing your body to consume meals throughout the day is never recommended when trying to cut out calories. By skipping meals, you are denying your body of nutrients that are needed to burn calories, especially when you are exercising regularly.

With the power of advertising, new diets and trends will be thrown in your face declaring their fast results for weight loss. WebMD writer, Sarah Albert explains in her article about weight loss myths, “It’s a great rule of thumb to be suspicious of quick and easy weight loss solutions.” Weeding out the myths will help tremendously in creating a sustainable diet that works in your everyday life.