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CrossFit exploded into the exercise world in the early 2000s and has become more popular ever since. Many people have heard of this type of workout, but unless you have participated or stepped foot in a CrossFit gym or “box,” you may be wondering what exactly this exercise regime consists of.  

Defining the exercise

CrossFit is defined as constant, wide-ranging functional movements performed at high intensity. These exercises consist of movements imitating real life including, but not limited to, cardiovascular, strength, speed and stamina training. This type of fitness brings about results that you can observe and measure.

Typical Class Structure

CrossFit classes last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Since each day is different and focused on a new type of fitness, the warm-up will reflect that particular workout for the day. Once the warm-up has been completed, the strength or skill portion of the exercise follows.  This either consists of concentration on a specific movement to build up strength or a skill that needs to be improved.

Next up is the workout of the day (WOD). Coaches will give everyone a specific exercise they will repeat with high intensity, as fast as they can, within a set time limit. CrossFit coaches help tremendously to motivate and push participants to their maximum capabilities. After the workout is complete, group or individual stretching will close out the session.

Who can participate

Anyone can participate in CrossFit classes. This program is designed for beginners who have never attended a fitness class or exercise often, as well as people who are at the peak of their physical fitness and want to continue with high-intensity workouts. CrossFit can also be scaled down and adjusted to participants comfort and ability levels.

Differences in a CrossFit gym

There are many differences between more common gyms and workouts compared to the training and exercises executed in a CrossFit box. You won’t see the typical gym set up that includes ellipticals, treadmills, and weight machines. This type of open space is designed to accommodate different workouts done by larger amounts of people at the same time.

CrossFit establishes constant change with intense workouts, to get the best results from your body during a shorter amount of time. It’s a new way to train if you’re tired of the same old gym experience with conventional workout equipment. CrossFit is a place in which a community of people come together to work to improve their health and wellbeing.