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Many of the trends in the health-conscious world of 2018 share common themes with last year, especially in regards to gut health and reducing inflammation. While turmeric and apple cider vinegar aren’t going anywhere in the near future, there are a few new fascinating fads coming to the mainstream this year. Below are three of the more interesting health trends to emerge thus far.


Jackfruit To The Rescue


Look out goji berries, there’s a new superfood in town…well, a “new” superfood for Westerners at least. Jackfruit Originated in India and has been enjoyed in many Asian cultures for centuries. Just a few of jackfruit’s impressive health benefits include its high Vitamin C, magnesium, and manganese profiles. The main reason this huge tree fruit is gaining traction in 2018, however, is because it’s an ideal meat substitute. Some people who try jackfruit for the first time say the texture reminds them of shredded pork, which is one reason why vegans often use it in tacos and sandwiches. If you ever feel like trying this sweet fruit for yourself, you should easily find it in your local health food store or Asian market.




Yes, probiotic fever is still sweeping the USA. In case you haven’t already heard, probiotics are friendly bacteria we all need for proper digestion and strong immunity. There’s still plenty of interested in probiotic-rich fermented foods like natto, kimchi, and kefir, but there are a slew of new probiotic-enriched snacks now hitting supermarket shelves. You should have no problems spotting bags of gluten-free probiotic granolas and even probiotic chips on your next trip to the grocery store. Talk about guilt free snacking!

Just Bugs

Yes, eating bugs is a growing trend in 2018. The one bug adventurous foodies are really getting into at the moment is a type of roach known as the Pacific beetle. The reason nutritionists are so interested in this bug has to do with the liquid that gets secreted in mamma roach’s embryonic sac. A lot of environmentalists believe extracting this fluid and selling it in a milk form can dramatically cut the milk industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. Not only is cockroach milk filled with protein, it’s touted by many nutritionists as a dramatic energy booster. It might take awhile for people to make the transition from cows to cockroaches, but a few environmentally-conscious folks are taking the plunge for the benefit of Mother Earth.